Stop Political Auto Dialers

Over the past few weeks, I have had several clients ask me to put an end to the never ending political robocalls. One client went so far as to disconnect her land line. While researching on this issue, I came across this information.
Political campaigns are legally permitted to place robocalls to your landline. That’s why they are such prolific robocallers. All these groups need your consent to call or text your cell phone.

What you can do
Campaigns usually get phone numbers from voter-registration rolls. When you go to register or reregister, don’t give them your home- or cell-phone number or your e-mail address, only your street address is required by law.
Block numbers from calling you. If you have your phone service with Brighthouse, login to your My Services account. Got to Manage Phone. Select Block numbers and enter the numbers.

Remove your phone number from your Voter Registration info. Call the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections, (727) 464-8683. They will remove the information.

Be mindful when sharing your information with any entity, whether it is a business, organization or club, only give them the bare minimum information that is required. One of the things that I do if information is needed from a site that requires me to give them my data and I never want to hear from them again, I make up the information. When making donations do not give out your phone number. Data collection and reselling it is a very big business.

If you really want to put an end to these calls once and for all you can either disconnect your land line or buy a robocall blocking device.

It is going to be a long political season with a lot on money spent on trying to get messages across. I am glad that I gave up cable TV five years ago and do not have to watch the commercials.

Hang in there November 9th will be here soon enough.

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