Technology Prep for Hurricane

The beginning of September is when hurricanes head our way. As an island resident, we need to have an evacuation plan ready for our families and pets. This article is about preparing for a hurricane and resources available to you. Here are four things you should do to prepare your technology: First is data protection. You need […]

Hurricanes Destory Data

A hurricane can bring a small business to a halt, and may even kill the business. I am not trying to be spreading fear, but I have seen many small business that barely survived a storm because their data was destroyed.As a business owner or manager you have to plan for the evacuation of your […]

Technology Pain

We are always adjusting our services for our clients and would like to know about your major concerns.  No, not the political or economic ones, but the issues we can help you with. Just two quick questions regarding your personal and business concerns.  Based on the feedback, we will begin offering some new services.Some of […]

Android Security Issue

Today’s alert is about a security issue with Android devices. There are a series of flaws in the Qualcom chipset used in many Android devices, about 900 million devices. There are four flaws that could allow an Android device to be broken into at the core OS level. Three of the four flaws have been fixed and […]

Welcome to the new Island Computer Consulting Technology Blog.

  Wow, 10 years running Island Computer Consulting! Time has flown by with great clients and many friends. We have been working hard creating a new website, Facebook page and this blog. The purpose of this blog is to publish timely articles about technology issues that impact your daily life.   Some of the topics […]

Stop Political Auto Dialers

Over the past few weeks, I have had several clients ask me to put an end to the never ending political robocalls. One client went so far as to disconnect her land line. While researching on this issue, I came across this information. Political campaigns are legally permitted to place robocalls to your landline. That’s […]