Island Computer Consulting is focused on finding the right solution at the best price. We understand technology and how it can be applied to your business, personal life, and your lifestyle. Our number one priority is to understand your goals and budgets, then we find the right solution. We welcome the challenges that new technology brings.

There is an old saying.... "If all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail." We don't pickup a tool until we know what you want to build. Let us show you how we can make technology behave and even save you some money.

Small Business

Your most valuable and perishable item is time. A small business owner has very little time and needs all their technology to work. This includes hardware, software, mobile, cloud, printers and more. It all needs to work or you are dead in the water.

Most of our business clients have less than 20 employees. We have a 50/50 mix between service and product based businesses. Our services include:

  • Hardware and software
    • Selection
    • Configuration
  • Internet/ISP management
  • Network/Security management
  • Cloud management
  • Mobile
    • Service providers
    • Hardware selection
    • App configuration
  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Budgeting
  • Set up credit card/ PayPal/ Square systems
  • Email marketing
  • Data Management

Contact us and let us help you be more productive today.


Everyday more technology creeps into our personal life. My clients want to enjoy the benefits without spending hours or days figuring out how to make it work. As a personal technology concierge, I deliver the benefits without the hassles. 

We can

  • Reduce the internet dead zones in your home (indoors and outdoors)
  • Help you be successful with many apps
  • Independent advice on purchasing for your needs
  • Set up email accounts, migrate accounts, configure contacts
  • Teach you how to manage financial transactions via email and cell phone
  • Connect your devices to allow for syncing data. These devices include:
    • Phones (iPhone & Android)
    • Computers (Mac & Windows)
    • Tablets (iPad, Android, & Amazon Fire)
  • Determine if your cell phone signal can be amplified in your home. If so implement the solution.
  • Smartphone and car connectivity
  • And, I am always interested in new technology

Contact us today and see how your personal technology will make you, happier.


Every time you purchase a new item for your home or lifestyle, it has more and more technology built in. As your Technology Concierge, I help you master his new technology as part of your lifestyle.

We make technology behave.

  • Remotely connect to friends and family with Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts and many more
  • Share pictures with whom you please
  • Enjoy social media while controling your privacy
  • Smart TVs
  • AppleTV
  • TV Remotes
  • Wireless music by the pool, throughout the house or on the boat
  • Outdoor TVs
  • Alarm Systems
  • Refrigerators
  • Help you understand Netflix, hulu and other streaming services
  • Set up Uber and teach you how to use the service.

Contact us and live the simple life.

Service Area


We prefer to provide personal service and be availability to you the the following areas (further down the list is a longer drive time):

If you live/work in these areas and your specific area isn't listed, we can help you.


Most of our clients travel and need help almost anywhere in the World. We will set you up with the right tools that will allow us to help you anytime, anywhere.

Contact us and live the simple life.