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Today’s alert is about a security issue with Android devices.

There are a series of flaws in the Qualcom chipset used in many Android devices, about 900 million devices. There are four flaws that could allow an Android device to be broken into at the core OS level. Three of the four flaws have been fixed and the fourth fix is in the pipeline.

The repair for this problem is being distributed by the cell phone carriers that sell the phones. If you have had a recent system update from your carrier, then you probably have 3 of the 4 repairs. If you get a notification to update your OS, do so.

To test your Android device for these flaws, go to the Google Play Store  and install the Check Point Capsule Scanner. This app will scan the device and tell you if the flaws exist. This app will not fix the problem, just check for the problem. I recommend uninstalling the app after you have checked. I am available to assist with this process.

This detailed article is a little geeky.

Bottom line: be sure that you keep your device current on the up to date and backed up as well.

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