Can You Cut the Cable Cord?

Is it possible to stop paying the cable and satellite companies so much money?


I cut the cord four years ago and haven't missed anything. My TV entertainment is actually better now. The big improvements are:

  • Very low costs
  • Great shows on my schedule
  • More music options
  • It travels with me
  • Higher picture quality

The downsides are:

  • Local TV is not online yet (there is a solution)
  • Live sporting event cost extra (solved with local TV)
  • Don't get to see all those ads for lawyers! (just kidding, won't miss those)

The Good

TV Shows and movies have been moving to internet delivery for years. Many things are coming together to make this a great point in time to either cut the cable cord, or at least reduce it to a bare minimum. 

Netflix is the big pioneer after they succeed with DVD delivery, their internet delivery is great. Name any TV show or movie, and it is probably on Netflix. My latest search showed almost 17,000 titles, many of these have dozens of episodes. If you want to catch up on something of interest, do it on your time and pause it when you need to go. Netflix will even make suggestions based on what you like. The highest monthly fee is $11.99/month. Try to do that on a cable package!

SlingTV, Playstation Vue, and Hulu Plus are other providers that brings broadcast TV via the internet. While it doesn't bring broadcast channels like ABC, CBS, and NBC, it does bring all the other channels that may interest you on a cable package. Prices range from $20 - $40/month and you can watch on your TV, tablet laptop, or smartphone. Bored in a hotel, watch what you want.

Music is also a great addition. I listen to  stations from New York, Monterey Bay and the Canary Islands as well as Pandora. The choices are almost limitless. 

HDTV via an antenna is superior to the cable and satellite feeds.And it is free after the antenna is put up. We would need to confirm your signal reception at you home and put the proper antenna up, but this solves the local channels and the live sports events. There are even video recorders that will recorder content, just like the cable DVR.

These are just a few examples of the options available to you now.

The Bad, Isn't so Bad

The challenging part of cutting the cord is hardware and software related. But this is where we come in. Our Cord Cutting package is pretty straight forward.

Discovery Step

First we need to determine what needs to be done with a simple one hour visit that includes:

  1. Determine internet capability
  2. Evaluate existing hardware
  3. Audit service providers and your current agreements
  4. Determine over the air reception capabilities.

Cut the Cord!

This will vary for each customer and will need to be quoted, but we handle the transition. You just get the benefits without the hassle. This process usually take 4 hours and we schedule around you. Yes, We provide a very specific time, not a multiple hour window.

Contact us and we will help you cut the cord.


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