Technology Prep for Hurricane

The beginning of September is when hurricanes head our way. As an island resident, we need to have an evacuation plan ready for our families and pets. This article is about preparingĀ for a hurricane and resources available to you. Here are four things you should do to prepare your technology: FirstĀ is data protection. You need […]

Have you checked your Disaster Prep Plans for your business?

Disasters come in many forms. We just had Tropical Storm Emily roll through. Due to bridge construction the Outer Banks in North Carolina have been without power for days because the power lines were accidentally cut, forcing thousands to evacuate. This was a good opportunity to dust off your disaster prep plans to see it […]

Hurricanes Destory Data

A hurricane can bring a small business to a halt, and may even kill the business. I am not trying to be spreading fear, but I have seen many small business that barely survived a storm because their data was destroyed.As a business owner or manager you have to plan for the evacuation of your […]